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Life Update – Ending of 2018

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So sorry for the silence from my end. Things have been up and down in my life. As soon as I think I’ve got a handle on things, something else goes out the window. Trying to balance my life with the lives around me has been a challenge to say the least. I really need to start focusing on things that I enjoy doing like this blog and really carve out the time to do something for myself. Luckily, things have been getting slightly better. We are out for the holidays so we are not as fast paced and stressed and just enjoying being together. Baby girl is sleeping slightly better, or rather I am sleeping better and trying not to focus on when she’s going to wake up at night. I have a problem of waking up in the middle of the night and dreading having to get up with her and in return makes it so I don’t sleep and she won’t wake up! *Sigh* She is very mobile now and getting into everything but she’s starting to catch herself more and realize she has to edge down slowly so she’s figuring out movement a lot better and I’m not having to be under her the whole time. Giving her the freedom and space to figure things out on her own is really the best thing for her. I was pretty terrified to start feeding her solid foods because of her choking on formula issue but things have gotten better there as well. She really enjoys eating so I have been giving her things that are easy to chew since she has no teeth still, lol. Another great thing to do with your babies is let them sit on their own in the high chair and just let them have at the food you are giving them. Them learning to pick the food up on their own and gauging how much food to put in their mouth is a great way to get them eating on their own.

Now that the year is ending I am reflecting on how much I need to do next year. I realize that many do this, they join gyms, or quit certain things in hopes to eating better and it usually doesn’t last very long. I know I tend to do this too so here I go again! LOL!

First off, I am going to be totally realistic with my challenge. AKA not restricting myself. That’s really the sure way to fail in getting healthier. When you say NO SODA or NO CARBS in reality most people only last a few days before slipping, or at least it’s what happens to me. I am not going to follow a strict eating or exercising plan. When you join a challenge that you have to pay a place to watch your weight, you end up spending unnecessary money where you can just do it on your own at your own pace. Now I am not saying any of that is bad, it’s great for some people! It just doesn’t work for me and I hate spending money on something I can do myself, lol. What I need to focus on is creating my meals and actually having meals and meal ideas available so I don’t go down the easy way path to fast food. Like today, my son is out of school and I haven’t been to the grocery store, we have nothing in the house and he wants McDonald’s and I’m like ughhh no, I don’t want to get out, so now I have to scrap the kitchen to come up with something to have for lunch. Which we did, luckily my son loves cheese quesadillas lol. I plan on creating a meal plan specific to myself and my family. Most meal plans I find on the internet are filled with things I’m like yeah no thank you, lol. Even though they claim to be easy to follow, I find the complete opposite. I am going to make a simple meal plan that I can follow and change when I need to and see if it works out. Some days I will follow it, some days I might change it up, and some days might go out the window but that’s the beauty of it all. Find comfort in the mistakes.

I’ll explain more later especially when I have more time to type. I’m going to take next month and focus on creating a healthier meal plan that is easy to follow and hopefully create some sort of generalized exercise plan because Lord knows I am at the bottom of that pole, I haven’t exercised in a very very …very… long time. I have no idea where to even start?? Something fun is my husband has started his own gaming page and is looking to advance it and have more videos and what not so hopefully I can start marking more you tube videos as well, so I might even vlog my journey as well? Who knows! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and a very Happy New Year to everyone! Much love – HealthHobbyandHome