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Exploring the World of Make-Up & Beauty Products

A hobby of mine that I have recently gone further with is my love for make up! After I had my son, I focused less and less on myself to where I got to the point of not caring what I looked like at all. I did not want to spend money on make up so I had the cheapest stuff you can get or I just didn’t wear it.

A little over a year ago, my best friend and I went to the mall and I took the first step in doing something for myself. My best friend is my make up idol, she has such awesome products, and creates beautiful looks. She told me about the different brands and I bought 2 products from Sephora and spent over $50! AH! But those 2 products were such good quality that even a year later, I’m still using! So I started to slowly buy more and really researched about which products to get. I will admit I get caught up on the latest popular thing, or go crazy on Instagram on things I must have, but for the most part I show restraint, lol.

Now a year later, I feel like I’ve created a good little collection of different products, some drug store brands, so speciality only online brands, and of course everything from your local Ulta or Sephora. Oh I LOVE Ulta’s rewards…just say I got not only my birthday month double points but also went crazy on a special 5x points promotion! Watch for their Beauty Deals as well!! I might post on my Facebook page about those! Oh Yes! Little plug: check out my Facebook page:

So to the important stuff!! I’m going to focus on creating new content for my YouTube page! YAY! Last year, I struggled uploading content because where we live the internet is SLOW. Ugh. So I’m hoping to be able to upload somewhere different AND I had old technology. But because my Hubby is AWESOME and we got some money back from our taxes I got a new MacBook Air!! Granted it’s not the newest technology…I’m sure they’ll put out something insanely fabulous next month, but for what I want it’s pretty darn awesome! You know me I don’t like to spend money, well if you don’t know me then I’ll let you know, I don’t like to spend money. Or rather I feel guilty afterwards. Being a stay at home mom you make ZERO income so spending money it’s tough for me. I do work 1 day a week now (LOVE IT!) and I am making a little money on my various business adventures but honestly it’s not very much. So I’ll just focus on doing all these things I love and see if ONE day if makes me some MONEY!!! LOL.

So I’ll be showcasing different beauty products that I currently have in my possession. I need to build content onto my page so it won’t be the latest trendy thing on Instagram but I hope in the future I can start getting stuff more up to date. In the mean time enjoy several products from different price ranges! What I plan on doing is starting from the beginning and reviewing one product from each category. For example: one video will be face primer, another foundation, another blush etc. I didn’t want to bombard you with five face primer videos because honestly a product like that you have to wear for a couple of days to get a real feel for it. Where as a blush you put on once and know if you like it or not. So bear with me as I make these videos! I hope this summer to dedicate time each week to making at least one, hopefully get some better lighting, a backdrop of some sort, and occupy my son so I can at least talk to the camera, lol! I also plan on doing some more cooking tutorials and hopefully some Facebook Live cooking videos! How fun does that sound!

Also, there will of course be health related posts & things in the home as well 🙂 so lots of stuff in the works!

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Love to all!

***Featured photo – this was me last year vs. this year. The quality of my make-up improved the look on my skin, started practicing applying correctly (HELLO BLACK EYELINER, UGH) and of course better lighting and editing is always great, lol!