Hello, welcome to Health, Hobby, and Home! This is my blog dedicated to everything that I do in my life. Here’s a little bit about me!

My name is Andrea, I am a wife and stay at home mom to a wonderful son and baby on the way! Before children I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Georgia in Child and Family Development. I lost both of my parents by the time I was 14 and with no siblings felt the pull to learn more about the dynamics of families and the development of human life from start to finish. I worked in positions ranging from office work, to working with children, to working with people battling addiction. When I became pregnant with my son I knew my calling was to stay at home with him and it was the best decision I have ever made. Being there for him in every way and now being able to do the same for my new baby on the way is a great passion and joy for me. I also have the great opportunity to teach Art at his local preschool which I absolutely love! When this new baby is old enough for Pre-K my goal is to get back into the school system. In the meantime, I enjoy many aspects of the stay at home mom life and struggle with a few now and then. This blog will give me an outlet to help others walking the same path as myself. I hope you enjoy and return often!

If you would like to reach me please email me at: healthhobbyandhome@gmail.com

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Will add more content very soon!

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