Weekends are made for Family!

So sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my daily devotions. I read them everyday, but getting the time to sit down and write a post is very difficult when we have a million things going on. We stayed busy all weekend and I am just now getting the time to write. Yesterday I got a rare time for myself and went shopping! It was very nice! In other news, my baby girl is 7 months old today! She has been going crazy with her development the last few weeks. Rolling everywhere and this morning she decided to start army scooting! She is determined to get my son’s Duplos which does not make my son happy, lol! He’s going to start to realize that she will soon be destroying all of his toys. Life lessons I suppose. Anyway was on her tummy and couldn’t reach them so she would grab the carpet and pull herself until she inched close enough to grab them. Now she only moved a couple of inches, but this is where it begins!! By Thanksgiving she’ll be army crawling everywhere and watch out for our family. Looks like her Christmas will consist of baby gates and child proofing items, lol! She’s still not sleeping through the night but this weekend since we were so busy and out so much she didn’t nap well which meant that at night she didn’t take a bottle, which is super awesome. I don’t mind waking to run and put her Paci in her mouth but it’s the act of having to feed her which causes me to get no sleep. So I am praying we are going in the right direction. I feel like everything will go out the window when the time changes, hello 4am haha. So right now it’s just a quick update I’m am going to work on a 2 day devotion post!

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