Hi Everyone! I’m so sorry I have been so terrible with keeping up with my blog. Things have been crazy since having my daughter, staying super busy during the summer, to starting school and my son getting sick every time you turn around…so I finally feel like I can breathe a bit. Just a bit. I’ve been struggling personally with a lot and have wanted to share on here but I always stop myself in the end because of what other people will interpret or think about it. Yes, I am grown but at times have the emotional insecurities of a 14-year-old. This weekend I decided to start doing more for myself. I walked for the first time today, lol, and I’m going with my friend to lunch in a bit, I’m in the process of consigning my old kid’s clothes, selling items, trying to make this house not such a disaster and am hoping to find myself again. I made another Instagram account for this blog so that it can be public and not have pictures of my kids. My old public account starting to get too personal with kid’s pictures that I made it private. It will mostly follow this blog and be more of an everyday thing. To get to the point of writing a blog every day would be amazing but not realistic. I would love to start making videos again but it is also something not super realistic but we’ll see. Gotta get 1,000 subscribers to start making money again so maybe that can be a goal. So lots and lots to do! Check back soon!

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