Deal of the Day! Target Shoe Madness!


So there are only certain times when I go into a store and get so overwhelmed (in a good way) at what’s on sale I can’t see straight. I just decided to go into Target because I really didn’t have anything better to do while my son was in school the other day. I thought I would just walk around, check out the clearance sections and then head to the library and read for a bit. WELL. I was wrong. I walk to the shoe section, okay nothing really going on then I notice “Cartwheel take an extra 20% all clearance shoes.” Ok, let’s look around. I find bigger shoes for my son super cheap, then there is an entire ROW of women’s shoes on clearance. Now, I am almost 31 weeks pregnant, I can barely put my socks and shoes on every morning now I have the prospect of trying on dozens on shoes, lol. So I take a deep breath and look at my options.

Here’s my shoe purchase breakdown (don’t worry I didn’t go THAT crazy, lol) :

Shoes for my son:

Pair of grey slip on boat shoes (size 1 he can wear now): $4.78

Pair of black nicer tennis shoes (size 2): $5.98

Pair of sports black tennis shoes (size 2): $7.18

I love it when I can find shoes for him for less than $10 a pair!

Here’s the shoes for me:

Pair of pink ballet shoes to wear to my baby shower: $4.06

Pair of lined winter/rain ankle boots: $9.58

I’m super excited about the winter boots because I do not have anything like this. These will not only keep my feet dry but also very warm. Because the shoes are lined I most likely have to wear thin socks until I can wear them in a bit.

Grand total: $31.58!

So the price for maybe one pair of shoes I got us 5! Now you are probably wondering why I didn’t get my husband any. Well. He wears a size 14!! You cannot find that size in most retail stores like Target, they only go up to 13. So no shoes for him today, lol. I do find that Academy Sports has the best selection of shoes in his size that I do not have to buy online, which is awesome.

I am not sure how long the cartwheel deal is going on and make sure to use your Target red card to get an extra 5% off! I do not normally add this to my final total just because I tend to think about it as saving on the taxes at the end because it ends up taking most of the tax off the final price.

What are some of the deals you have found this week??

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