Pregnancy Update: Week 30!!


Hello everyone! Since only like 5 people read this blog, lol, I wanted to give you another update as to how I am doing. WOW! I made it to week 30! I can’t believe how fast time is going. It literally feels like yesterday when I took the pregnancy test and it said positive! I did not think that would ever happen again for me. Our family is very excited to bring this spunky little girl into the world. Here’s a little bit of what I am going through the last few weeks.

Wow, am I TIRED. I just cannot seem to catch up on any sleep. During the day I drag, like now, I am trying to clean the floor, and by cleaning the floor I mean sweep and vacuum, lol. Something that is supposed to take maybe 30 minutes has turned into an hour and I am about half done with the downstairs. I find I start and then before I know it I need to sit down and rest. I figured since this is one of my resting sessions that I would start to write another blog post. I am not keeping up with the housework like I would like to and I know it’s going to be a million times harder to once she is here, but I figure I need to do as much as I can.

What does not help right now is because I am so tired during the day I think I am going to go to bed early and get some good sleep, WRONG! The second I sit down to sleep, she’s either kicking like crazy, or I get so uncomfortable that I cannot fall asleep, so I toss and turn all night. I might get a 3-4 sleep stretch, then I have to pee, get up, my dog then proceeds to shake his collar (indication that he also has to pee), walk downstairs to the back door, let him out, walk back upstairs, lay down and is so out of breath that I have to calm down, an hour later I am sitting there wishing I could just go back to sleep! That seems to be a nightly occurrence, then my husband is up at 5am and I might have a couple of hours more sleep before I have to start my day, sometimes not so much.

On Sunday I starting having some slight issues that I knew I needed to ask my doctor about. This usually gears up my anxiety and it just makes matters worse. I decided to take it easy and not do anything but lay down and I think that helped. I decided to wait until today to see my doctor and hopefully everything is okay, which it is: heartbeat 150 and I am measuring on time. So yay! What’s going on is completely normal at my size and as long as it doesn’t continue or get worse, I am okay.

Everything else is moving right along, starting to slowly get stuff for her room and got her car seat in the mail the other day. I might do a review on it one day when she’s here but so far I absolutely love it. It might be a little heavier than I would prefer but it’s fine all I need to do is lift it enough to put it in my Snap and Go stroller so it’s no problem. I am so thankful for my best friend. I had my son and she had her son a month later, he ended up being a few weeks early and my son was huge from the moment he was born so I have been able to give her all of my son’s clothes. I have also given her several of my baby gear because she’s had two other little ones since then. She takes great care of all of it and now several years later now that I am pregnant, she’s giving them back to me! Very thankful and also very glad that items were used longer than just a few months. She had a baby girl and now she’s giving me all of her girl stuff which I am so very grateful for. Having her support means the world to me and even though we live one way about 1.5 hours away from each other, I still feel as close to her as we were when we lived in the same town. Moms really need other moms support, it really is the most important thing.

Looking forward to this weekend, Sunday is my baby shower! I am having a women only lunch at one of my favorite places La Madeleine! I’m so excited for the food, lol! But I am more excited about seeing the people at my shower. There are several people coming that I have not seen in a really long time and the fact that they are taking their day out to come see me just makes me feel really special. Not having my mom makes events like this a little sad and I try not to let it get to me and being surrounded by people who love me (and several who also loved my mom) just makes it extra special. She would be so excited and will have a very special place in my heart on baby shower day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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