Digital Learning Days – Be An Active Parent in the Education Process


This blog post will be a little different from what I normally like to talk about. I wanted to venture into more than just recipes and good deals. Real issues that mom’s face in this day in age and how much my past affects the future I hold for my children. This particular post will get me on my soap box just a tiny bit, lol. Please note, this is just MY opinion. I am in no way a licensed professional or a doctor. My opinion might be different from yours and that’s totally okay! I will more than likely talk about things that have or have not worked for me in the past and might be beneficial to you, or it might not. I do have my Bachelors Degree in Child and Family Development and I am not only a strong advocate for my child but will work with children probably for the rest of my professional career. Plus the examples I use in this blog post are not from poeple I personally know, honestly it is from the strangers comments I read on the internet that make me afraid for our children’s future.

A great passion of mine is the advancement of a child’s education. I feel like education is something you can give your child (basically for free) that will stay with them their whole life. As we advance more and more in education it seems like learning gets tougher and tougher the earlier they start. What we might have done in Kindergarten back when we were kids – hardly compares to the amount of education they receive today.  Do not even get me started on what happens when they reach 3rd grade! It’s crazy how intelligent kids can be and what they know at such a young age.

I am personally blessed with a child who excels at learning. Now he definitely has his weaknesses in certain areas especially his speech but I am so proud of everything he accomplishes. It’s amazing to see that even though he struggles with his speech at times (he’s getting SO much better) it did not affect his ability to learn or even to read. Makes me fill with pride when his Pre-K teacher encourages his abilities and has him read to his class. He is a summer baby and having the option to when to send him to Kindergarten, I made the decision early on to have him be the oldest in the class rather than the youngest. This just gives him an extra year of learning and more prepared for when he gets into the higher grades. Even though he has been in a school like setting since he was a little older than 2, I feel personally that I need to also take a role in educating my child. This gets me to my main reason for posting….

Ok. I live in the south. Where is gets “cold” but by no means compare to what happens in the north. On that note, when it does get cold and precipitation threatens at our door, the state just doesn’t know what to do, especially the school system. Do we close, do we remain open and then struggle to get the kids home when it gets bad outside? NO ONE knows how to drive in the slightest bit of bad weather and we get made fun of by most of the country over our blunders with weather. What happens here most of the time is the rain turns into freezing rain and the ground is too warm so it sits there, then the temperature drops, causing dangerous ice on the roads called “black ice.” When driving you cannot see the ice on the asphalt especially when it is dark outside. This equals major problems for the school buses and people getting to the schools.

As an alternative, something awesome in my opinion,  they implemented a digital learning day instead of trying to tack on extra days of school. This way children can get their work for the day on the internet and work from home. Unfortunately this creates headaches for several people who feel they have too much going on in their personal or professional life to help their children with their homework. I get it, people have to work, but I am sorry, why can’t you help your children learn from ONE day? If you cannot personally do it, try a family member or friend. Whoever is watching your child can help them with their school work. Why is the education of YOUR child completely dependent upon what they are taught in school? I see these poor teachers online that not only have to help their children with their digital learning days but spend the entire day at their table with phone calls and emails from irate parents not wanting to educate their children or have any idea what their child does during their school day. What really gets me is reading comments from angry parents saying that have no way to access the assigned work because they DO NOT have a computer. Wow. I’m sorry how are you accessing Facebook? If you have a smart phone that can get on Facebook and take the billion selfies you post, you have the ability to access your children’s work. I know not everyone has this, but my printer is wireless and I can even print from my phone! But say since you don’t have a “computer” you don’t have a printer, but that still means you can still pull up the work and I don’t know COPY IT ON A REGULAR PIECE OF PAPER! Yes, all this requires actual time and attention from YOU but do you not see this is such a better alternative than putting extra hours or days onto your child’s already hectic schedule. Also, in this day and age, who doesn’t at least have a tablet or laptop? I know 2 year olds who have their own personal tablet. Just say you don’t for whatever reason, do you honestly not know a person by you within walking distance that would have one? Family, friends, neighbors, etc. who would be willing to let you use their electronic device for 30 minutes to grab the assignments online. Now since my child is in Pre-K he doesn’t have assignments yet, so I do not know the actual content in them, but I am sure it’s not that difficult. It would probably compare to what you received when absent from school because of sickness. I also hear that if you do not do the assignment for whatever reason, you will receive a paper copy when you return to school, so what is the big deal? I am sure most teachers are flexible for whatever excuse you try to create.

When did we stop caring about our child’s education? When did it become the norm that ONLY teachers were the ones teaching your children? You should be going over your children’s work every single day, reading to your children, actively asking them what they did during the day, what they learned, expanding their knowledge and interests.

A big reason why we chose as a family to have me stay at home was so I could have an active role in the learning on our children’s lives. No, I will never homeschool my children. That is just not for me, props to all those who do, but my son and I are so much alike that trying to teach him completely on my own would end in lots of breakdowns on both sides of the table. Maybe one day if we find that public school is just too much, we have a wonderful opportunity near us that is called hybrid homeschooling, combining homeschool days and classroom days during the week. I fully believe in your child learning from others, teachers who are outside the home, expanding your child’s mind and experiences. Some of the greatest people I have ever known have been the teachers in my life. My wish for my children is that they have teachers who molded their minds as much as particular ones in my life did. I feel like my role as a parent is the be an advocate for my child and supplement the knowledge that they bring home from school. Which means sitting down every day to work on their homework and providing supplemental activities.

A memory I have of my dad when I was in the 4th grade, he would sit down with me and help me with my homework. Sometimes he would not get home until 7:30, but he woudl at least go over what I did. Then when we were done, would read the next chapter. Yes, the chapter that we haven’t covered in class. At the time I was so annoyed because I didn’t want to do more work. But he told me in order to be successful in school you needed to prepare yourself for what was going to come. By reading the next chapter, he would explain things to me and help me understand what they were talking about. This way the next day at school, when we read the chapter as a class, I would already have knowledge on what is was about and a better grip with what the assignment would be. This also gives you the motivation to do school work on your own, which once you get into high school and college is exactly what you have to do. I had several classes in college where you on your own, had to read multiple chapters at a time, and it was NEVER discussed in class.  It would be on your one of three exams for the entire year. This meant a lot of your learning was done on your own.

Ok, I’ll get off my soap box, I am sure there are moments in this blog post you did not agrees with. I guess I am asking a lot from people who I am sure have “better” things to do in their lives, but as a person who takes education very seriously, please consider that your child’s education is probably the best thing you can provide for them. Also, remember that a teacher’s life is an extremely stressful at times. They not only have their children, but the 20-30 children they teach every day. Ask them if they need any help and make sure they know how appreciated they are to you. These people spend more time with your children during the day than some of you do and coming from this teacher, they hold special places in your heart.

What are your thoughts on digital learning days?

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