Deals of the Day! – Target & Kroger Shopping!


Have you ever just had one of those good deal days? My first day to myself in almost a month, lol, I was able to get out and do some after Christmas shopping. My son missed the last two days of school because he got some sort of tummy bug, ugh, and then with winter break, I have not had much time for myself. I find that I want to go to a million places but I’ll be back in the store of the first place I am at and realize I have to walk all the way to the front to check out and I get very exhausted, lol! I have been known to find somewhere to sit down for a minute because well, pregnancy. LOL.

After Christmas you have a hit or miss selection of things in Target and sometimes you can find some good deals. So much is on clearance but at the same time they might hardly have anything. Well they had a small section of Christmas things 90% off and I was able to snag a couple Christmas items for super cheap! I continued my Target Registry in the store and they gave this is AWESOME bag full of goodies for the baby! Love free stuff, lol. I found some clothes for baby girl on sale – 3 pack of onesies for $4.48 which makes them about $1.50 each. Then a pack of 2 matching pair of pants (actually at another Target, score!) for $2.48 ($1.24 each) so she’ll have a whole new outfit for $2.75! They are also 6 months so I will have it for later on. This is what I did for my son, find things for less than $5 (especially if there is multiple items) and this way things aren’t so expensive and you develop a collection of clothes.

I have only recently started a $20 rule for my son with new shoes. Forever I was able to get his shoes second-hand and not cost much money, or on clearance ($10 or less rule) because his foot grew so fast I couldn’t afford to keep up. Well now that he’s in a Boys size 1 (ahhhh!) I can no longer really find decent shoes for him second-hand so if I can find a good pair of shoes for $20 or less I’ll get it. This whole summer/ fall he literally had one pair of shoes, lol. Academy Sports is a great place to find shoes for the whole family, great prices, and they actually will have my husband’s shoe size (14!!) in regular shoes. Most people don’t know is stores will carry up to 13 and there’s only certain places that will have 14 and over. I was able to find a good pair of shoes for my son for $20 and my husband a pair for $15!! Good shoe day!

I was excited at Target because I found of Luv’s diaper pack (40 count) that had a sticker that said “As Is: $4.48” wasn’t quite sure why it says as is because there is no tear in the bag. So I thought I would give Luvs a try because I never used them with my son. These were newborn size so they would go quick regardless of the brand and a great way to see if the baby will be sensitive to certain brands. I also had a $2 off coupon that did not work when I went to the self check out. The girl helping me was awesome and gave me all sorts of stuff that I only got because she was helping me, score! So for a 40 count I paid $2.48 so about 6 cents a diaper, which is a great price! I’ll let you know my favorite diapers for this new baby when she gets here because I’ve gotten several newborn/size 1 samples of different brands.

Speaking of diapers, I also got a pretty good deal on diapers at Kroger! For some reason their online coupons had 2 Pampers diaper coupons, one for $2 off and one for $3. I put them both on my list so I had them and since they were running their purchase 5 items get $5 off promotion, I picked up some and some other things. Their bags which are normally $8.99, on sale for $7.99 – they took both of my coupons! So I got the one bag of diapers for $2.99! Which made them about 9 cents a diaper! Which is a great price for Pampers. I am trying to think back to when my son was in diapers, but I think if I could find them around 12 cents a diaper that was a good price. Yay!

I love finding good deals because I feel like I am doing my part to some what contribute to my family. Being a stay at home mom has been the best job I could have ever asked for but it gets to me sometimes that I don’t bring any money into the house. By saving us money and really stretching my dollar essentially we have more money for our family for the bills and let’s face it when this baby gets here bills will increase for sure! What are some of your best after Christmas deals??

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