What are Your New Year Goals?


Every year at this time I get super excited for the upcoming year and what I can do to improve my state of being from the previous year. I get so wrapped up in the spirit and chaos of the holidays a lot of my goals and ambitions get put on the back burner. I get so excited in January by February I tend to slack and by March, I am like goals who? It is my normal cycle and I am sure for many other people as well. I was never one to make “New Year’s Resolutions” because I find that creates way too much pressure to meet a task that will somehow get resolved? I am not sure what it exactly means but I know many people fail and then become worse than what they were before.

This is why I create goals. Goals are tasks that you constantly strive to reach. Sometimes goals take a really long time and sometimes you never fully achieve the exact goal you are reaching for but nevertheless they remain your goal. A good tip is to set up a main goal – like eating better. Well that particular goal is very vague and has lots of room to cheat. So then you create sub goals and ways to stick to your goal – like eating a certain type of way, or committing to making meals at home for at least 5 days a week, etc. Then you find techniques to stick to those goals – like writing down what you eat throughout the week, or creating shopping lists for meals to take to the grocery store, etc. This way you have a plan and more than likely stick to your original MAIN goal. Again, no one is perfect and to make yourself go crazy to try to maintain that level of “goodness” is difficult at times and you have to give yourself room to make a mistake.

Here is a small list of goals I have for the new year:

  1. Main Goal – Have a baby! This one is the easiest and hardest goal of them all. I am due probably at the end of March so there is not much time before the baby gets here. I of course what to go as long as I can and I pray every single day for a healthy baby girl, but you all know life doesn’t always turn out as your plan. So a more specific goal to this would be exactly what I said above, I pray everyday that we remain healthy and she is growing and thriving inside my body. I do as much as I can to make sure I do not do anything that could potentially harm my growing belly and I eat as healthy as I can. Pregnancy cravings are super real so if I have the caffeine free soda and doughnuts, I can’t help it! lol! I pray I have a successful surgery and we are both healthy and no complications when the time comes.
  2. Another major goal – Take care of said baby. lol. Yes, that should be a given but setting that goal remains me of the major change that will be happening in our family soon. My son is going to go from an only child, getting our every single bit of attention, to now having to stand in line and wait until the baby is taken care of. Now, I will admit, I give my dog a heck of a lot of attention so he is use to that, but a newborn baby is completely different. I am blessed that my child is very good about entertaining himself and I feel like he’s going to be an awesome big brother. He helps me so much as it is that he will find it fun to be my assistant. I pray that I can balance the two and make sure to give him the love and attention he needs, especially when I’ve only gotten an hour of sleep and I’m in so much pain I can’t see straight. Those will be the tests I will endure. Also, taking care of a newborn again, omg, I am so nervous. I remember how on alert I was for weeks after my son was born. Waking up every two seconds to make sure he was breathing and the second he started to cry I would want to know how to stop it. In return that created a very content baby. I would satisfied his needs pretty quickly whether it be a bottle or a change of diaper, and he learned quickly that things would be better fast and would only ever cry whenever he needed something. I am praying each day that this baby girl is the same way.
  3. Aside from the baby another goal I would really like to achieve is writing and expanding more of this blog. That seems to be my goal every single year and I just do not know how to expand on that. I really think I am going to bite the bullet and make this domain mine. For about $50 a year I can have my own URL, email, and have better freedom to creating the look of my blog. I really need to look into ads and some how figure out how to generate some money on this thing. I feel like I have a voice and unique outlook on life. Maybe if I can expand this blog into something more, I can also expand my You Tube channel. Which brings me to my new personal goal.
  4. My YouTube channel! Yes, I have one, My You Tube Channel!  it’s very small, only 66 subscribers but I have over 7,000 views on one of my videos so for a small time girl like me, makes me feel special! I’ve generated a little bit of money from my videos and would love to expand that more. The process of creating videos is difficult for me. First, I don’t have a proper camera for filming, so I am looking at different ways to properly film a video. Once I figure that out then I have to edit and upload…which uploading is ridiculous! The best way for me is to use the library WIFI because my internet is great for streaming on my Roku (thank the Lord!) but is horrible when it comes to uploading anything. So I will need to overcome these hurdles to just add more content to my You Tube channel. Part of me got a little discouraged because my most recent video hasn’t even gotten 100 views and it was for a popular trendy item. But that also could by why because it was so popular and there’s so many videos for it out there that mine isn’t getting views. I really need to plan different content and make more than just make up review videos because I honestly haven’t bought any new make up in a long time, lol.
  5. Of course this goal, that I struggle with throughout the year (even currently) is of course eating better. Planning more meals and eating more at home. Because of how I am feeling, especially lately, I find it so hard to keep track on what I am eating. There’s a million excuses in the book but I need to start to be more active with my eating. One way I am going to focus on it is by writing down my dinner meals. This way I have an active look on what I am currently eating and what we are having each week. So say I order pizza (like I did last night, lol) and then a couple of weeks later think I want to again, I’ll have it listed and go oh maybe I shouldn’t and do something else. My biggest struggle right now is grocery shopping. As I am getting bigger, it is getting harder and harder to make it through the whole grocery store. I will lay down and think oh it’s easier to just go get food rather than go through the process of the grocery store. The book I have also has a grocery list on the side so I’m hoping that will help as well. We saw see! I’ll continue to update on my progress as the weeks go by. The book is also great because it will be an ongoing list of dinner ideas in case I need some inspiration because we literally eat the same thing all.the.time.ugh.

So what are so of your goals for the new year? What do you plan on doing to try to achieve those goals? I would love to get a conversation going!

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