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Pregnancy Update! Week 26!

Hello, I thought I would update this blog more with my weeks, but time just gets the better of me! This pregnancy is flying by and at times I do not think it is truly real. Do not get me wrong, I feel this baby girl SO much, so I know she’s there but at the same time I just cannot believe how far along I really am. I knew with the holidays, things would go by a lot faster. My son in school, me working there, and getting ready for the holidays it would make time go super fast and it did, Christmas is already over! Before I know it, January will be here which at the end of the month means my baby shower (yay!),┬áthe short month of February, then March and BOOM! Baby is here!

There is definitely a big part of me that is extremely nervous about bringing another person into our life. Especially one that will need my full attention and constant care. My son is great on his own, he plays by himself, watches his basketball highlights while playing basketball on his indoor rim, turns on Pandora and dances around and plays while listening to his favorite tunes, and basically entertains himself for most of the day especially if I am not feeling well. He’s needy only when he needs something and I am very grateful for that. But I have a feeling things are going to change when the baby gets here. I just hope I am strong enough to be able to balance things enough to where he does not feel like I am not showing him enough attention. He has been my world for 6 years (ever since that positive pregnancy test) and I do not want that to change. I do know he will be a wonderful big brother, he already helps me now! With my husband now trying to work 3 jobs, I know he will not be home as much as we would want him to be and it just makes me nervous because I wish I had more consistent help. Help that I did not have to ask for. Help that would just be here. But that is a consequence to not having parents. That support you just know you have because your parents would do anything for you. Living the life I have, it is extremely difficult for me to ask for help, I have always felt like an inconvenience and a burden on everyone around me. So we shall see, but I am not going to expect too much that’s for sure.

As far as how I am feeling, I think I am doing okay. I keep getting extremely tired to where 7pm rolls around and all I want to do is sleep. Apparently my body is getting ready for the inconsistent sleep schedule of a newborn because last night wow lol. I went to bed around 8pm, up and down all night! About every couple of hours I would wake up for various reasons and take forever to go back to sleep. So even though I was technically in bed for about 12 hours, I might have slept for half of that, lol. Oh well, I do feel good for how far along I am so I am very grateful. I am able to eat without being sick anymore and this baby girl sure does like to move, lol. Next appointment will be the glucose test, ugh. Not looking forward to it, plus getting a vaccine, lol! But after that exam, I’ll be going in every 2 weeks! Super excited it getting closer.

I really want to blog more, but man am I lazy, lol. How does one constantly blog or post on you tube? I would love that motivation and creativity. I wish I had the technology to make good videos as well. I know it doesn’t cost much but at the same time I have horrible internet uploading to where I’ll try to post a say 8 minute you tube video, it takes HOURS for it to upload to where there will be an error and I literally waste hours of my time waiting for it to upload, lol. I did get some Christmas money this year, maybe I’ll look into getting a decent video camera. I would love to have a consistent You Tube channel! Maybe that will be a “resolution” for the new year.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and I hope you bring in the New Year with those who you love!