Pregnancy Update – Week 21

21-Weeks-PregnantGood Morning!

I thought about doing vlog posts about my weekly updates with what’s going on in my life and with this pregnancy but there are several things that get in the way to where I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up. My biggest hurdle is my internet, it has horrible uploading speeds, literally will sit for 3 hours “uploading” just to tell me there’s an error and I’ve basically wasted my time, lol! So maybe I’ll dedicate specific topics for video blogging every so often. But for now this is the easiest way to get the information out fast!

Every Sunday my week updates and let me tell you the weeks are going by fast!! I feel so blessed to have this pregnancy and to experience this my son. He is just so excited to be a big brother and I just pray that this baby is as good as he was when he was a baby.

Last week, we had our anatomy scan with my doctor and everything looked great, it’s a GIRL!! We knew that weeks ago, but I waited to say anything officially because you just never know. She measured 12 oz and had really long legs, lol. My son was measuring already a pound at 20 weeks so I’m hoping this girl is a tad bit smaller than he was, lol. He was 8 lbs 10 oz at birth and grew to over 12 lbs at 1 months old, lol. Needless to say I never really had a newborn. Preparing for this baby is a little more relaxed than with my first. I save several big items like the crib, glider, high chair, car seat, pack in play, changing pads, and baby play things, but I still feel like I need so much more. There are several new things that have come out just in the last 5 years that look really cool like a video monitor (they were available but SUPER expensive and I feel like having a 2 story house now, I will have use for it) and various new devices to put the baby in. So I am excited to try new products and will more than likely review them on here! 🙂

I feel like I should be doing more for her room, but again I feel different about it this time around. Before, it was ALL new, I thought I had to get the baby’s room established and ready before he got here. Me being the planner I am got it all taken care of. Nesting phase takes a whole new meaning when you have my personality lol! Imagine a full day of a baby shower at like 30 weeks, exhausted, to come home and realize I HAD to sort and organize all the clothes we got that day. Take off all the tags and wash everything before putting it in the closet ready to go for the baby, all that evening! LOL! I must have lost my mind but I got it done, just for it to sit for 10 weeks and not be used for months, lol. So I know now that will not be happening, lol. Or at least I hope not, lol. For right now I’ll just focus on what I receive and not worry about decorating because honestly it is just a waste of time, plus I am not looking to be in any magazines any time soon, lol!

So far I am feeling a lot better, thank goodness! The first 15-16 weeks was rough! I was SO sick. Either physically lol or just queasy all day 😦 but I knew that I would be lol. I was super sick with my first so this one was no different. I managed to get through it without having to be on any medication (except for trying the vitamin b6/unisom combo for a few days) and let me tell you, it feels WONDERFUL to eat again, lol! Of at least eat for more like 5 minutes. If I managed to make a meal or got something out, I would be SO hungry, eat probably 10 bites, and then so sick and full I had to stop. Coming from a person who hates to leave food on my plate, especially restaurant food, this was super difficult for me. They say small meals every a few hours and I found that difficult as well. My body would give me about 2 seconds to get something ready to eat before I went into full-blown nausea to where I didn’t want anything anymore. So that was a fun cycle to be in. I found myself eating the same things over and over because it was the only thing I could stomach until I couldn’t stomach it anymore. I stopped drinking caffeine before I got pregnant and lasted about 10 weeks or so before I had a caffeinated soda again and honestly I feel like that helped my nausea a bit. I limit myself to one a day (either caffeinated soda or coffee) unless something is going on and I’ll have a little more but I don’t go crazy. I like plenty of non caffeinated beverages and I also try to drink lots of water. There also was a phase to where the second I woke up I had to go downstairs and make myself a bowl of cereal before doing anything, even putting my contacts in, because if I didn’t I would throw up like there was no tomorrow. I tried having a snack at my nightstand but that just would make me throw up those crackers, so for whatever reason my body could handle the cereal, lol.

This week is a nice change, we are off of school for Thanksgiving break. I love to be able to sleep in (by sleeping in I mean 7:30am lol but hey it’s better than 6!) and enjoy making something good for breakfast without having to rush out the door just to get somewhere on time. Yesterday, we had a great day at home, didn’t go anywhere, and started decorating for Christmas. My son LOVES Sundays because it is his day to spend with his Daddy. My husband works extremely hard for everything we have and unfortunately has to work on Saturdays, so Sundays are really our only day to be all together. We purchased a new tree for this year back in I think April, lol. Home Depot had 70% remaining trees online so we went ahead and picked one up so we had no idea what it would look like or if it would work. Well…we put it together this weekend and the plus side it’s a beautiful tree, lots of lights, nice and full, about a foot taller than our last tree, but… it was a pain to figure out! Apparently the connection on in the middle of the tree and just suppose to magically make the tree light up once connected to the base. Well, that didn’t happen, lol! It must be why it was on clearance and luckily we paid very little for it. I am just hoping it lasts a while because it is an LED tree, but I am not getting my hopes up. We ended up finding different ends to try to connect together and eventually got the right connection so the whole tree lit up but in the process really scratched up my arms. Nothing is ever easy or straight forward when we try to put something together, lol! One thing that will be interesting is it I have enough ornaments for this tree, lol. I am going to take my time and really enjoy piecing it together. I am one of those people who will look at my tree weeks later and realize one ornament needs to be over some. I just love a beautiful balanced tree.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I cannot wait to see my family on Thursday!

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