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Deal of the Day! LulaRoe For MUCH Less!

Girls, lemme tell you I love me some LulaRoe! I have a few friends that sell it, so I try to buy from whoever has the patterns I like. I also get invited to about a million parties from various people but I tend to stick with who I know. Well here’s the thing: IT’S SO EXPENSIVE! I know they are running a small business which I totally get, but coming from a girl who can barely spend any $$ on clothes (but can spend $$$ on makeup? LOL), $30+ dollars for 1 top makes me have an anxiety attack! So I tend to stick with buying the leggings but at $25 bucks a pop things can start to get out of control, lol! So here is my secret for you ladies desperately wanting some but can’t afford……..

START SEARCHING AT GOODWILL! Like now..go ahead..stop what you are doing and run to the nearest Goodwill. FYI – there’s like 4 in like a 25 mile radius of me…so I cover all my territory! What’s happening is women are spending ridiculous amounts of money on this stuff and just giving it to Goodwill? I am completely shocked! I mean I spent a good $38 bucks on a dress that I don’t really care for but that baby is staying in my closet UNTIL THE END OF TIME! Maybe one day I’ll magically like it on my body or I somehow lost 20 lbs and gain about 6 inches in height to fit into it properly but until then that’s where it’s staying.

So a few months ago, I first discovered this blissful occurrence when I was shopping for dresses. The second that I touched it and saw the pattern I knew it was LulaRoe. I looked at it and it was an Ana! For those of you who don’t know, an Ana is their long floor length dress. It was a medium and I tried it on, it fit other than about 5 inches taken off the floor, lol. Of well, I’ll get it hemmed! Only problem: someone washed and dried it! AHHH!! Rule 1 for LulaRoe: you do not put it in the dryer…it felted really stiff. Oh well, I bought it anyway, for $6 how could I not?

Now fast forward to last Tuesday, I’m searching through the pants, tip: search in the pants section where all the patterned pants are. They usually separate by color, but there’s an entire section where they try to separate patterns by color. You’ll get anything from plaid zip up dress pants to leggings you just have to look. OR. Do the feel test. I quickly scan the patterns by feeling them, if they feel buttery soft, there’s a big chance they are LulaRoe! So I find 3, YES 3! leggings…but they are TC (tall and curvy). I decided on 2 of them to try. Alas, I am not tall, and I have curves just not in the right places, lol! Or so I thought.

I always buy the one size because I was going by my actual pant size. Which is either a 6 or an 8. If I am all honest, most of the time it’s an 8, lol. So the TC size never really appealed to me. Plus I was afraid to buy them and they be too big and then I’m out $25+ dollars.

So I decided to try them on just to see, if they were too big, I would still buy them but give them to someone. I discovered that they fit SO nicely! Granted they are a little big in the waist and are too long, but they way they feel they weren’t glued to my legs! I have some pretty thick thighs and the one size basically makes it so every little bump on me shows. I can’t wear regular shirts that don’t cover my bottom because I don’t want anyone seeing anything they don’t need to be seeing and with these they aren’t tight so I can wear regular shirts that don’t have to be dresses.

Here’s the best part…usually pants are about $5.75. I figured that was great saving $20 per pair is awesome right? Wrong! The lady at the register rang them up for sleepwear, which is $3.93!!! So less than $4 a pair!!! **HAPPY DANCE!!!** One problem though: their registers were messing up and wouldn’t accept cards and I didn’t have cash!! So I was able to hold my clothing to the side and I raced to the ATM and you better believe I got those babies! Nothing is going to stop me from getting a good deal! With LulaRoe leggings you can wash them in your washer but do NOT dry them. I repeat: DO NOT PUT THEM IN  THE DRYER! So I just hang them up and they dry in no time.

I am so happy when I find a good deal especially when it is something like that. There’s a consignment store I follow on Facebook that will get leggings to their store but they will charge between $10-$18 a pair basically like you’re buying them brand new. So for $4 I absolutely love them!

Almost every thing in my son’s wardrobe apart from a few pieces have come from Goodwill or consignment sales. He grows so fast that he only wears clothes for a season before having to go up a size and if I calculated how much it would be in retail it freaks me out! $14.99 for a pair of pants, no way! $3 for a pair is more like it! My general rule when shopping for the bulk of his clothing is: no more than $5 a shirt or pants/shorts unless he needs something specific and no more than $20 on a pair of shoes. I use to be able to get all his shoes second-hand, but as he grows in size finding decent pairs of shoes has gotten difficult. I usually will spend between $10-$15 on shoes so I usually look from them on clearance. I try to save my Kohl’s cash in combination with a good % off to get his some shoes for basically nothing. Also, whenever Stride Rite has their $20 shoe sale I always try to get a pair because that’s usually as low as they will go on their shoes.

What are some awesome things you have found at Goodwill??

Whenever I find something cool or an amazing deal I will blog about it!